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Reparation and improvement of rotary electric machines
  • all types of async and synchronous electromotors up to 2 MW intensity with roll-rotor and cage-rotor , voltage from 1 kV to 10 kV
  • all types of async and synchronous electromotors with low frequency tension and cage-rotor
  • all types of switchboard electromotors and generators
  • all types of unidirectional and traction electromotors
  • all types of gasoil internal combustion sets
  • all types of transformers and chokes, electromagnets and electromagnet brakes
  • all types of drink-water, mud-water and liquid waste pumps from reputable producers like KSB, Pleuger, Odesse, Flygt, Sever, Jugoturbina, Jastrebac etc.
  • overall repair and utility range of different tipes of welding machines
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